• Q1: What's bonus?

    Bonus is the real trade capital our platform provide to you, letting you make transaction in real trade without suffering from any risk. Bonus can't be withdraw, once deposit, the incomes can be withdrew. Please notice that any withdraw action will lead to personal earning being reset to zero.

  • Q2: How to get bonus?

    Bonus is only available for new register users. Don't have an account? Register Now Enable contract and get {{serviceData.bAmount}} {{serviceData.coinType}} bonus; one-time open position margin reaching {{bonusList[1].cAmount}} {{serviceData.coinType}} can get {{bonusList[1].bAmount}} {{serviceData.coinType}} bonus; one-time open position margin reaching {{bonusList[2].cAmount}} {{serviceData.coinType}} can get {{bonusList[2].bAmount}} {{serviceData.coinType}} bonus

  • Q3: Trading which contract can use bonus to trade?

    Trading bonus only works on {{serviceData.coinType}} contract, please make sure to choose {{serviceData.coinType}} contract on real trade zone to trade.

  • Q4: How many bonus can get at most?

    During activity, user can get at most {{globalActivityInfo.maxBonusNum}} {{serviceData.coinType}} through enabling contract and trading contract.

Activity Rules and Bonus Introduction
  • 1、User participating in the activity will be deemed as agreeing with details of the activity.
  • 2、Bonus you got in the activity will be sent to your contract real trade account.
  • 3、All users successfully enabling contract can get {{serviceData.bAmount}} {{serviceData.coinType}} bonus as reward, with one-time open position reaching {{bonusList[1].cAmount}} {{serviceData.coinType}} users can get {{bonusList[1].bAmount}} {{serviceData.coinType}} bonus; with one-time open position reaching {{bonusList[2].cAmount}} {{serviceData.coinType}} users can get {{bonusList[2].bAmount}} {{serviceData.coinType}} bonus.
  • 4、Trading bonus are only for {{serviceData.coinType}} contract, demanding one-time open position margin up to standard, additional deposit doesn't count, holding time must be over {{globalActivityInfo.openInterestTime}} minutes and no midway reduction of position.
  • 5、User enabling contract tranding and trading contract can get {{globalActivityInfo.maxBonusNum}} {{serviceData.coinType}} bonus as reward. The bonus is limited to 50,000 USDT everyday, for a total of 500,000 USDT, first come first served. Since contract trading is an innovative investment product with high risks and strong professionalism, we will prioritized give bonus to users who have long registration time and active cryptocurrency transactions.
  • 6、Bonus of the activity doesn't support withdraw or transfer, and can be only used for transaction margin, opening position, settling gains and losses, and deducting possible trading losses.
  • 7、After transferring bonus to contract account, incomes from bonus supports withdraw, but any withdraw behaviour will lead to bonus resetting to zero.
  • 8、No transactions in {{globalActivityInfo.expireTime}} days after receiving bonus, the bonus will be taken back.
  • 9、If found registering more than one account at the same time and maliciously steal bonus, user will be considered as cheating, and the accounts will be closed and the balance in the account will not be returned.
  • 10、Bit-Z reserves the right to final interpretation of the activity.